Who we are

Ocean Echo Group (Pty) Ltd is a multifaceted Investment and development company with its head office in Kimberley, South Africa and with business interest in Africa and the Gulf States in the Middle East and China. The company consists of various divisions managed by professional teams who are specialists in diverse industries.

Ocean Echo Group consists of 7 Directors who have a collective professional experience of 65 years in specialist fields.

Naziem Simons


Mr Simons is a well known business man in the Republic of SA who has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the Property Development field and securing investments for the same

Shamil Khan


Mr Khan has 16 years project management experience in the construction and petrochemical industries; His background stems from the corporate environment in the legal, construction and engineering industries and is more than adequately equipped these fields.

Jainodien Adams


Mr Adams, is a well rounded businessman known for his extensive expertise in the Mining sector, an engineer by trade and has 25 years of project management experience in the mining industry, which includes setting up of these in the mining of various minerals and precious metals in South Africa and in African Continent.

Khalid Omar


Khalid Omar is a Chartered Accountant (SA) and a retired Partner of PwC, the largest professional services firm in the world. His experience spans a career of over 35 years in the professional services field, senior management in banking and investments. He has an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for excellence, having started his own company which was taken over by PwC and started a corporate banking division in a subsidiary of a major South African Bank. During his career, he was actively involved in creating innovative and new solutions and products which provided significant benefits to the organisations. He is not afraid to get his hands dirty and attention to detail is a key attribute of his approach to work. He is also a family man and happily married (with the grace of God), with 3 children. His expertise and current focus area is in providing solutions to challenges facing organisations, deal making and transaction advisory services

Dr Elentheran Naidoo


Dr Naidoo is a medical doctor practicing in Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa. He is chief of staff, with the responsibility in running the medical centre in which he also practices. The medical centre is a technologically advanced institution being one of its kind in the area. His greater passion is developing hospitals and focusing on specialised hospital. With his passion of medicine and coupled with his natural entreprenaul spirit, Dr Naidoo is visionary in the medical field with a drive to develop first world hospitals and bring cost effective technologically advanced medicine to the people. His experience spans almost 20 years with him being the youngest appointed chief of staff at the medical centre. Dr Naidoo's other passion is assisting the less fortunate in rural areas. He is also a family man and happily married, with 3 children

Dr Kenneth Moodley


Dr Kenneth Moodley holds a Doctorate in Business Administration, Masters in Industrial Engineering & Six Sigma Black Belt accreditation. He is also a registered engineering technologist with ECSA (Engineering Council of South Africa). His business experience spans more than 22 years within the corporate and supply chain environment, covering strategy development & implementation, complexity management, operations, warehouse & distribution, demand & supply planning as well as the full order to cash process.. He has also designed & implemented business strategies in extremely volatile markets within Africa whilst considering global trends. With a passion for business, and a masters in engineering, Dr Moodley has been actively involved in various projects advising them about the structural and operational requirements encompassing numerous industries.

Cyriaque Ongagna


Mr Ongagna, an IT Systems engineer and an avid businessman both in South Africa and the Central African Region has more than 10 experience in the it engineering and technological industries.


OEG strives to be a proudly South African Company which provides a highly professional service, in a timeous and within budget approach, which at all times add value to our clients, both locally and internationally.


OEG undertake to supply affordable quality products and utilize the best equipped manpower suitable to the task at hand. We take pride in operating in a safe and equitable working environment for our clients and our employees. OEG undertakes to offer the best technical and other support to our clients in a professional, yet friendly and hands-on approach.

Nature of Business

Ocean Echo Group is Multifaceted Investment and Property Development Company with special focus on investment in the establishment of technologically advanced infrastructures for diverse industries.

Key to success

OEG strives for accountability, integrity and transparency. Management is directly involved in operation and pre and post project problem solving.