Cyriaque Ongagna, Director

Mr Ongagna, an IT Systems engineer and an avid businessman both in South Africa and the Central African Region has more than 10 experience in the it engineering and technological industries.

Jainodien Adams, Director

Mr Adams, is a well rounded businessman known for his extensive expertise in the Mining sector, an engineer by trade and has 25 years of project management experience in the mining industry, which includes setting up of these in the mining of various minerals and precious metals in South Africa and in African Continent.

Kevan Moodley, Director

Mr Moodley is a dynamic and vibrant personality who comes from the corporate environment, having served as a director of one of the largest auditing companies in South Africa and with offices worldwide.

Shamil Khan, Director

Mr Khan has 16 years project management experience in the construction and petrochemical industries; His background stems from the corporate environment in the legal, construction and engineering industries and is more than adequately equipped these fields.

Naziem Simons, Director

Mr Simons is a well known business man in the Republic of SA who has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the Property Development field and securing investments for the same